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"A good sky-sign is your first step to build a brand"

Why Sky Sign is Important for your Brand & Business?

Sky Signs are the first point of contact with your customers. Noticed by thousands of pedestrians and motorists every day. For your brand, these signs are seen as a sign of your success and presence in ever growing & competitive market and shall be seen with great pride. So a sky sign is the most important element on a building or a structure and that's why it has to be designed and installed correctly.

First step of planning of a sky sign

The location of the sky sign on a building, on-going construction jump form or a hoarding are always limited and rare. It will cost hundreds of thousands of rupees to get the right space and a prime location. So brand owners have to be confident and certain that their sky sign will be fit for purpose during day and night. A detailed site survey should be carried out on the roof area where the proposed sky sign has to be installed. The exact size and the shape of the area where the sign has to be installed and also making sure about the visibility. There are various steps of making a sky sign and installation on site. We will take you through the process of the same below.

1. Sky Sign Design

Sky sign design is the most important part of the entire project. There are calculation to be considered to put up a sky sign and make the most of it. Many symbols and brand identity look great on stationery and internal signage brandings. However when you translate the same symbol or an identity on the building sky sign, it can be less visible due to the limitation of the physical height and stroke size the can be achieved for the font style you have chosen. Very thin fonts or identity can decrease the visibility and should be avoided. Choosing the best and the most visible color is also important.

As a basic visual formula, a 2.1 metre high letter can typically be seen from a distance of 900 metre to 1000 metre. This also depends of the location of the sign structure on the building and adjoining landscape and other buildings. Scaled artwork should be produced of the proposed sky sign in form of superimpose on building elevation in drawing form. With series of visual montage on the elevation and physical viewing should be done to assure right location. In some cases it will also reveal that the logo or the identity to be edited or tweaked to ensure the maximum and bolder view.

2. Sky Sign Production

After successful survey and client's approval on the size, scale and the location of the sky sign. The next step is to get the specification and construction of the sky sign. We suggest the best of the material and the making practice for long lasting life. Mentioning the production time & syncing of the delivery with the site provision like background making and other details like power supply for operations and installation.

3. Transporting materials to installation site

When installing a huge sky sign for a client, we also consider about how the signage and the structure will be delivered on the roof. Many building have good lifts or construction cranes, they can be used to move the large size letter and structure on the roof area. Better logistic plan can reduce few man hours on site and also easy for the owners of the building to handle the human traffic also. Hence we do site survey in terms of movement on site of the letters and structure.

4. Power supply to Sky sign

A stabilised power supply is an important element for a lit sky sign. Many a times several sky signs all over the city face a shutdown due to non-stabilised power source. To avoid this for minimum maintenance and for better health of a sky sign a stabilised power source has to be achieved by the client on the roof area with covered area for joinery of the power driver also.

5. Fixing

The fixing of the sky sign along with a structure if any has to be done with know how and knowledge of the basic building concrete structure. We have joinery with fixtures supplier who ensure the best of the details or the fitting in terms of anchor nut boltings for the sky sign. We also take care to avoid leakages in future while drilling and anchoring. Using any chemicals to avoid cracking if suggested by the structural consultant.

6. Maintenance

Sky signs are typically illuminated with LEDs, but not all LED's are equal. When specifying illumination for Sky signs, premium LEDs with the highest possible IP rating should be chosen. The power converters powering them should be located in a position that is easily accessible for electricians without needing specialised access equipment. In case of difficult geographical reach of the site installation, we suggests clients to buy extra sets of LED and Power driver so that the same can be replaced in case of urgency by local electrical agency or an expert.